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nope, all the abilities and possible breeds are listed on the page you linked, if there is info not available in the list-view (nothing relevant that i can see), you can use their jQuery to handle the requests:
Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I suppose there would still be the issue that this is just one of the pages listing pets (there are 50 such pages), but that would certainly be quicker than 700+. I think a greater problem is that, on inspection, the Wowhead page for each ability doesn't seem to have enough information. Unlike player ability pages, there is no indication of which auras/status effects (if any) are applied by the ability. Parsing the description text to deduce the auras applied might be possible, but would be unpleasant, error-prone and a poor way of finding the information.

I also uploaded the creature.db2.csv. To get the names:
from BattlePetSpecies.db2.csv second column you get the npc number of the pet,
creature.db2.csv first column is also the npc number then you look at column 15 that will be the name.

I could not find out how to get a list of abilities from a pet species but maybe you can get them with this api:
Thanks for the file. I downloaded it but after a bit of thought it seemed more sensible to use the CSV I got through petsear.ch as I can calculate the base stats from that file too. I've parsed that information in and now have it stored in a CSV format more appropriate for my program.

I've spent a fair bit of time looking through the other files, but without column headings I'm really quite lost. The strings aren't a problem, of course and I think I've found all fields that store ids, but I can't work out how to interpret the other numeric values. Is it possible to obtain the column headers or some comments on how to interpret the files? I realise these are taken directly from the game database, so I can understand if there is no proper documentation for them.

That API may find me the abilities for the pets, so it could be useful, but it won't get the effects of each ability as well. If all the information I need is contained in the other CSVs, it would seem more straightforward to get it all from them, if they can be understood.
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