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Originally Posted by Petrah View Post
Just my opinion, but I don't think scraping any site for this particular information is the best option. Blizzard is extremely slow to get new pet info updated to characters on Battle.net.
I agree that scraping doesn't seem like the best solution here, but rather for the reason that I can't find any site that has all the information I'm after. I'm not looking for account/character-specific information, though: I'm just after a listing of all pets, abilities and their effects. I don't think it causes a problem for me if information on which accounts own which pets takes a long time to update through Battle.net as this isn't the information I'm after anyway.

Originally Posted by Petrah View Post
Gathering the info with an addon from inside the game is the best option for updated information. It's killin' me that I cannot remember the name of a guild addon that does this exact thing where all you do is click a button, copy all the lines, and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet.
I don't know if there is any API that gives the effects of each ability (outside the text description). If so, this could well be a good option.

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