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Various issues with Carbonite

I'm having several issues with Carbonite and with all these issues I thought I'd put them all in one post.

1) The objective is not listed in the database. This happens in all areas regardless of expansion level. For instance, today I got this questing in The Badlands doing "All's Fair in Love, War, and Archaeology".

2) Incorrect quest destinations. Example: "Into the Dragon's Mouth" sends me to where Rhea used to be in Lethlor Ravine when she is, in fact, in Dragon's Mouth (note that this is an Alliance quest.) The quest itself says that she's no longer in Lethlor Ravine.

3) Incorrect quest destinations two: I find that Carbonite sometimes ponts to quest destinations for Horde rather than Alliance locations. For example, with the quest "The Venerable Doctor Blam" Carbonite wants to send me to New Kargath.

4) I often have to reload the interface in order for the Carbonite quest list to update properly, often when problem 1 occurs, but not always.

My addons are listed below. I'm including version numbers but I use Twitch/Curse to keep my addons up to date and it's saying that all my addons are up to date:

Addon Control Panel 3.4.39
Altoholic 7.3.001
Auctioneer Suite 7.6 Test Release - r5
Bagnon 7.3.2
Bagnon ItemLevel 1.0.15-Release
Carbonite Maps v 7.3.0b-53-g6642311-alpha
Carbonite Notes 7.3
Carbonite Quests 7.3
Deadly Boss Mods 7.3.30 (and all its modules, all up to date)
Fishing Buddy
GatherMate2_Data - Carbonite Edition 30.2
GTFO 4.45.3
HandyNotes v1.4.15
HandyNotes - Broken Shore v1.24
HandyNotes - Suramar and Shal'Aran Telemancy v1.16
HandyNotes _Argus 0.26.5
HandyNotes_DungeonLocations 1.30
HandyNotes_LegionRares&Treasures v1.01b
HandyNotes: Legion Treasures v12
LiteMount 7.3.21
Pawn 2.2.18
Skada Damage Meter 1.7.2
VuhDo v3.92 (Disabled via Addon Control Panel)
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