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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
Try shutting off all your other addons and see how it works. You could have a conflict with another addon and that's the only way to tell. No need to uninstall them, just make sure you uncheck them on your character select screen. Another problem could be that you have the wrong version installed. Get the latest version from GitHub. And uninstall the version you have installed before you install the new one. Overwriting COULD cause weird problems of its own.
I've encountered the "The objective is not in the database" error again, but this has a bit of a twist. I disabled all my addons and enabled just Carbonite Maps and Carbonite Quest and it still happens. Specifically the quest is "Plan B" (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=11658/plan-b). There are two parts to the quest, getting 10 Warsong outfits and 1 Warsong banner. If I select the outfits nothing is wrong, but if I select the banner I get the error message.
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