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First off, it's Lua, not LUA. It is the Portuguese word for moon, and not an acronym for anything. Sorry, but that just drives me nuts.

Second, and perhaps more to the point, Blizzard has a strict policy of having the addons be totally free. It may even be in their ToS, but there is (was?) a "stickie" on the official Blizzard World of Warcraft Macro and UI forums about it. It is (was?) probably stickied on most of the forums.

Addon developers do this for free. It's a hobby, not a business. That's probably why addon developers come and go.
Ahhhh, the vagueries of the aging mind. Wait.... What was I saying?

Carbonite <----- GitHub main module (Maps ONLY) download link. The other modules are also available on GitHub.
Carbonite-CLASSIC<----- GitHub link to Carbonite Classic. Thanks to ircdirk for this!
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