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Originally Posted by sbjlsmtj

Bagnon Core
Bagnon_Options bagnon are a nice combo for the bag.
Cooldown Count It is always nice to have a solid cooldown counter with timer bars, I use OCD my self (Otravi_cooldown)
CT_BarMod Switch to Bartender2
CT_BottomBar Same as above
CT_MailMod I think grennon mail would do what you wan't, while being ace2
CT_RABossMods Bigwigs, much nicer on the memory usage (ace2)
CT_RaidAssist Ora2, again, nicer on the memory usage as it is ace2
DamageMeters Can test using SW_stats aswell, not sure which is most memory efficent
Detox Good addon, keep in mind it will break in TBC
DeuceCommander A very handy tool for configuring ace mods.
ECastingbar by Repent Try testin OCB (oCastingBar), works similarily to ECB, but is ace'd
Elkano’s Buffbar Lovely buff addon
ItemRack There is an ace'd mod named outfitter I think, use Itemrack myself.
MetaHud I've always liked IceHud myself, a nice HUD in ace2
Mobhealth3 A must if you want to show the health a mob has
Mobile Minimap Buttons Most addons do come with a way to move it, just nice to have a way to move them off the minimap, Visor does this aswell as a whole lot of things.
MobInfo-2 For me, I don't personally need all of this - and keep in mind stored data is nasty on the FPS.
MoveAnything! This can aswell be used to move the minimap buttons, there is Visor as an ace change, but it has alot more functions, so I'm not sure which is nicest on the fps.
Natur ECB (5.4.8) Try using Antagonist, ace2'd enemy casting bar.
QuuSpellAlert Most likely not needed if you have an enemy casting bar
ScrollingCombatText You can always try using Mikscrollingbattletext, both are about equal in terms of memory usage, you just need to decide which you prefer yourself.
SCT – Damage
SCT Options
SCTD Options Same as for scrollingcombattext
Simple Combat Log Love how this cleans up my combat log myself
Titan Panel For all Titan addons, switch to FuBar. The memory usage will go down by alot
TrinketMenu Itemrack can do this aswell, no need to have both
X-Perl I take it this is a self/party etc frame addon? You can try using AG_Unitframes

I just added notes of what I think to the addons I had comments for, good luck with the compilation
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