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As with the previous poster, I'm listing your current addons with my personal opinions/comments.

If you must support all classes I'd suggest you break it up. Make a core compilation pack containing JUST the addons everyone will use, then make extra class based packs with the addons needed for each class and your guildies can mix/match the parts they need rather than running a ton of unnecessary addons.

Ace 1.3.1 - Lose it. Find alternatives for any Ace 1 addons you still have.

AceNameToggle - There's a non-ace'd addon that I think does the same thing. Probably better to use that than have Ace installed for 1 addon.

AcePlayerMenu - Update to PlayerMenu (Ace2) if you need it. Adds extra options to the right click menu on names in chat. (invite, ignore, etc)

AlphaMap (v2.62.11200)
Atlas v 1.8.4 - Haven't used both, but I'm 90% sure they're the same thing? Lose one of them. Consider Cartographer (Ace2) as an alternative, although it's still in developement. Cartographer will support plugins, including one to replace gatherer when complete.

AtlasLoot Enhanced
AtlasQuest (v 3.17.43) - Don't know any alternatives, but I don't consider them necessary. Perhaps include them in an optional extras zip rather than the core compilation?

Auctioneer - Resource hog, afaik.

Bagnon Core
Banknon - Never used Bagnon. Onebag as a possible Ace2'd alternative?

ChatBar - Don't know what it does, but if you're interested in Acing as much as possible consider Prat for all chat mod needs (delete any modules from prat you don't want to run).

Cooldown Count
Cooldown Count (CT) - oCC

CT_BarMod - Bartender2 (Bartender3 for TBC), Bongos, etc
CT_BottomBar - Lose it.
CT_MailMod - Gmail. Ace2'd clone of CT_MailMod.
CT_MasterMod - Lose if possible.
CT_PlayerNotes -
CT_RABossMods - BigWigs
CT_RaidAssist - Ora2
CT_RaidTracker - Keep if needed.

Dhaskís FlightMap (v 1.12-1) - Not sure what this does, but InFlight and Cartographer will combine to mark flight masters on maps.

ECastingbar by Repent - oCB

EnhancedLootFrames (Needs Ace 1.3.1, anything similar that is Ace 2 I could use?) - Hrm, Xloot? Not sure what EnhancedLootFrames does, but Xloot is an Ace2'd loot frame.
FruityLoots - Never used it, Xloot may do what this does, dunno for sure.

Gatherer - Resource hog. Consider making it optional. Keep an eye on Cartographer with PinPoint plugin as a future alternative.

Mobile Minimap Buttons (donít most mods come with a way to move the minimap buttons by themselves already? So donít need?) - Not all do, so you may still want to keep it.
MoveAnything! - Visor2 (Ace2'd version of Visor) has just had it's first release. Very light, lacks a GUI so isn't as user-friendly. May also replace the Minimap button mover above.

Teloís Lootlink (also have quickloot disabled but canít find it to remove it, embedded?) - Xloot does this I think.

Titan Panel - Fubar alternatives available for all but one (maybe two) of the Titan plugins you're using.

On reflection, I think you could probably do alot to improve the size of your compilation. Seems like there's alot of redundancy in various addons. I'd even go so far as to suggest you start again from scratch and build it up adding things you really need. Avoid data mining addons where possible, especially for any of your guildies with limited resources.

I'm an Ace2 fan, so I'd suggest going down that path with as many addons as possible, but that's my biased opinion.

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