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alright, much like the two others before me, i've gone through and commented out your addons for (imo) better efficiency/results and less redundancy and anything else i could think of. italicized are what i'd lose. oh, and i added in a couple bolded notes to your bottom comments, don't miss them.

final note: like barras said, i'd recommend you break it up into a couple of packs; lite, heavy, and class related because while you may have no problem running everything, a lot of these mods are really not essential (loaded word tho it may be). for example, the crafting mods; i personally don't use any because i like to keep my mem usage slim, your guildmates might feel the same way.
you'll also notice that i didn't comment on everything. this is because i either already mentioned the addon while talking about another one, or it was good, or because i simply did not have the knowledge of the addon to really say anything about it. you do have a lot of good mods in here, it just needs a little pruning.
the biggest thing that i noticed while looking through your pack is that it seems as though you do not have a good idea what many of these mods do for you (no offense intended), hence the redundancy. i'd suggest before you do anything that you go through and look up each mod again and check them in-game so that you get that understanding of what they are doing for you, maybe take the list and comment yourself on them all. once you do that, you will have a much better idea of what sort of functionality you want/need/use and therefore able to do a lot of the restructuring yourself and remove those mods that just seem to "be there."

good luck getting everything to work for your guild.

Ace 1.3.1 --> only thing i use ace 1.3.1 for atm is KCItems, there should be alternatives for everything else, check http://wow.wowace.com/files/ for a full listing of ace addons and since you aren't using KCI, i'd say no need for this (although i'd recommend it over the very heavy auctioneer)
Ace 2
AceNameToggle (Needs Ace 1.3.1, is there another program that will do it that I have?) --> honestly, i'd just drop this; the functionality provided really isn't that important, but if it really floats your boat, keep it, although you will be forced to hold on to your Ace 1.3.1
AcePlayerMenu (Donít think Iíve used this specifically, not 100% sure what it does even, probably donít need it?) -->all this does is allow you to right click on people's names it chat and select some options for them, i.e. invite, ignore, etc. as barras said, there is an Ace 2 alternative (playermenu) if you really feel the need to hold on to this.
AlphaMap (v2.62.11200) -->lotta redundancy here; you DON'T need this, atlas, and metamap since a lot of the same functionality is repeated. like barras said, keep an eye on cartographer as this will be a great replacement for all three and will be able to cover all of your needs.
Atlas v 1.8.4 --> regarding the atlas mods, i use atlas and atlasloot so i know what a benefit they can be. for right now i'd say hold onto them, but again, keep an eye on cartographer.
AtlasLoot Enhanced
AtlasQuest (v 3.17.43)
Auctioneer --> KCItems; see note above
Autobuff [Emerald] --> handy, but will be somewhat broke come patch day, see what they are doing about it (i personally use smartbuff, which is going to a keybind system)
Automation --> dunno what this does, ask yourself if you really need/use it
AutoShoutOut (v1.15.6) --> can be helpful i suppose, although really people should be paying attention to your health bars if they're in your party, i haven't used it in quite some time but if you like it, keep it, shouldn't take up too much mem
AutoTarget --> dunno what this does, ask yourself if you really need/use it
Bagnon --> bagnon mods are good, Tuller is a very efficient coder so you should have no qualms about using these
Bagnon Core
Character Info Storage
Character Info
ChatBar --> probably replaceable with Prat
CircleStrafe --> last i checked, this functionality was no longer allowed so this is just taking up space
Cirkís Fastcast (v 1.11.2 Does this do anything really, didnít notice any improvement.)
Cooldown Count --> replace both of these with Omni Cooldown Count by Tuller, it will cover all of your cooldown needs.
Cooldown Count (CT)
CT_BarMod --> these two barmods can be replaced by bongos or bartender2. check them out and see which one you prefer.
CT_MailMod --> GMail
CT_MasterMod --> replace if possible, there are often smaller individual mods that can take the place of what this does
CT_PlayerNotes --> there is an ace2 alternative i believe but you will have to search the addon list
CT_RABossMods --> bigwigs
CT_RaidAssist --> oRA 2
CT_RaidTracker --> if you really need it
DamageMeters --> my preferred damage charts, but fairly resource intensive
Detox --> really handy, yes i know, but will no longer work with next patch so i'd recommend getting rid of it now and getting used to having to cleanse without it
Dhaskís FlightMap (v 1.12-1) --> Ace 2'ed InFlight
ECastingbar by Repent --> oCB
Elkanoís Buffbar
EnhancedLootFrames (Needs Ace 1.3.1, anything similar that is Ace 2 I could use?)
EnhTooltip --> think this is for auctioneer? if so, dump it if you drop that
Fishing Buddy --> great addon, very informative, kinda large; FishEase provide the click-casting without all the other options
Fizzwidget Adspace
Fizzwidget Autocraft
Fizzwidget Reagent Cost
Gatherer --> best option right now, but keep an eye on PinPoint/Cartographer
Informant (Never seems to give anything useful, donít need probably?) --> dunno what it does
KillMore by TXTlingit --> dunno what it does, really necessary?
Master Control Program --> great mod
MetaHud Options
MetaMap --> see previous note
MetamapBWP (not sure what this is for)
MetamapCVT (Import and conversions? Never done it, donít need?)
MetamapExp (Export? Again, never done it, donít need?)
Minnastats (with this do I need DamageMeters, this does a lot more) --> choose either minnastats or damagemeters, don't need both
Mobile Minimap Buttons (donít most mods come with a way to move the minimap buttons by themselves already? So donít need?) --> believe this allows you to drag them off of the minimap cluster to wherever you want, your choice on keeping it if you don't need to do this
MobInfo-2 --> redundant, either use mobhealth3 or this, don't need both.
MonkeyLibrary (v 2.4) --> no monkeyquest means no monkeylibrary
MonkeyQuest (v 2.4) --> can be replaced with fubar's QuestFu
MyAddOns --> really necessary?
Natur ECB (5.4.8)
NECB Options (5.4.8)
OutfitDisplayFrame (v 0.5.8)
QuestHistory (Version 2.51)
SCT Ė Damage
SCT Cooldowns (v 1.4)
SCT Options
SCTD Options
Set Wrangler
Simple Combat Log
SpellDuration [Data]-EN
SpellAlert SCT (just got this working when I was updating, donít need Quu now?)
SpellAlert SCT Options
SuperMacro (with all the changes, donít need this anymore now right?)
Teloís Lootlink (also have quickloot disabled but canít find it to remove it, embedded?)
Titan Panel --> like barras said, replace with fubar and corresponding mods
Titan [Critline]
Titan Ammo
Titan Bag
Titan BGInfo (v 0.06)
Titan Clock
Titan CoOrds
Titan EmoteMenu
Titan HonorPlus
Titan ItemBonuses
Titan LootType
Titan Money
Titan Performance
Titan Regen
Titan Repair
Titan Roll
Titan StanceSets (v 1.0.0)
Titan XP
Titan ZoneSpeed
Titan Itemized Deductions Ė ShadowEOS
TitanBG Updater
Tooltip Wrangler
Tristanís Item/RPP Mod
Weapon Quick Swap
Yatlas (Does the battlegrounds maps come from this or metamap, if not from this, probably donít need it, never use it hardly) --> don't know either, do you really need a map for the battlegrounds?

Thinking of replacing Titan with Fubar (if I can get the same add ons with Fubar).

Thinking of replacing CT mailmod with something else, would like a mod that would let me right click to place into bulk mail instead of drag and drop and would also like it to remember the people I send items to.

Thinking of replacing CTRA with Ora2 along with swapping in XRS and Big Wigs, might even throw in TellTrack.

I also need to add Priest/Pally Support: Is there an Ace2 version of Benecast? If not, adding in Benecast, Clique, Fortify, Squishy, and SmartRes.
do you really need fortify if you have autobuff already?

I also need to add Hunter Support: Thinking of adding Fizzwidgetís Feed-o-matic and Hunterís helper.

Misc things I have been thinking of adding: RecipeBook, AuldLangSyne (looks like it combines 2 of my mods into 1), KC_Enhanced Trade Skill and Items, ImprovedErrorFrame, and finding a program to auto equip the carrot when your riding and unequip it when you dismount (trinketmenu used to but a patch stopped it somewhere along the lines I think).
ItemRack can do mount/dismount autoequip already, don't need anything new to handle this

Basics that you may need to know. I/we are from the US and play on an US pvp server. We all have bank toons and twinks that we try to keep track of. I want to make this mod usable for everyone, so I donít want to miss something that a specific class needs or always uses, since they can always disable what they donít need. I am big on information, I want as much as I can get about everything, no such thing as too much.

Thanks for making it thru the post. Please Help me, by helping me, you'll be helping a whole guild, ok granted only 13 people, at once. Thanks again!
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