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Second Try at Compilation

Hello again everyone!

Iím back with my overhaul of the mod Iím trying to work out for my guild and myself. After my first post and the great comment and help I got, I seen that I had lots to learn. Matter of fact, I was kind of embarrassed at how bad the first try was really. So after lots of reading, many trial and errors, and a good bit of game play, the following is my new list:

Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic= Hunter auto pet feeder.

Fizzwidget Hunterís Helper= Places a loot link that helps you find tamable beasts to learn pet skills from.

Ace 2= Ace2 is a collection of libraries intended to: improve modularity, improve performance, and simplify the addon and library creation process.

Antagonist (Ace 2)= Tracks enemy casting times, buffs, and cooldowns, like enemy cast bars.

ArcHud (Ace 2)= Combat Hud based on HurfedHud

Atlas v 1.8.4= Instance map browser, installed to use next 2 entries
AtlasLoot Enhanced= Shows possible loot from the bosses, great data here.
AtlasQuest (v 3.17.43)= Shows the quests for the instance, again great data here.

Auctioneer= Displays item info and analyses auction data. Lots of data here but itís a real hog on data and it needs both enhtooltip and stubby to work (you might as well say enchantrix is linked also since enchantrix depends on enhtooltip and stubby also). I would really like to find a more efficient set of programs that do the same things but I have not found them yet. Please let me know if you have suggestions. I was thinking of Ludwig, Ludwig sellprice, and Fizzwidget Disenchant Estimator but we donít think that the Estimator will work in the frame. So please, ANY suggestions would be GREAT!

Auldlangsyne (Ace 2)= Combines CT_PlayerNotes and Friend_Facts

Autobuff [Emerald]= Autocast self buffs, weapon buffs, tracking, aspects, and seals.

Automation (Ace 2)= Gives you the ability to automate most little things in the game like auto profit, auto dismount, autorepair, auto accept conjured item, auto decline duel etc.

AutoTarget= Gives parameters to autotarget, like target whatís targeting you etc.

Bagnon= These are anytime viewable bank/bag, configurable mods, great.
Bagnon Core

Beancounter= Auctioneer addon that keeps price history, again a hog, replacement????

Benecast= Priest addon to cast spells on groups and friends, very configurable.

Big Wigs (Ace 2)= Boss Mod with Timer bars, ex CT_bossmod
Big Wigs CThun Assist
ď Healbot Assist
ď Loatheb Tactical
ď Nefarian Counter
ď Razuvious Assistant
ď Thaddius Arrows= All these are Big Wigs Additional Boss Mob Add ons

Bug Grabber= Grabs bugs for Bug Sack
Bug Sack (Ace 2)= Improved Error Catcher, depends on Bug Grabber, Fubar plugíd also.

BuyEmAll= Enhances shift+click interface at vendors to buy more than 20 at a time.

Cartographer (Ace 2)= Map mod, replaces Metamap and Alphamap
Cartographer_herbalism (Ace 2)= Notes the map for herbs
Cartographer_Mining (Ace 2)= Notes the map for mining. These 2 replace Gatherer.

Character Info Storage (Ace 2)= Stores toons inventories for an account
Character Info (Ace 2)= Lets you view toonís inventories, banks, and bags for an account at any time from any toon.

Clique (Ace 2)= Configurable click casting interface.

DetachedMiniButtons= Lets you move minimap buttons around the map or any where.

DeuceCommander (Ace 2)= Graphical interface to Ace 2 addon slash commands.
DeuceLog (Ace 2)= Logs when you kill or get killed by an enemy.

EgoCast (Ace 2)= Deuceíd SuperSelfCast, didnít think Iíd need it, but I did. One of the other mods makes you disable the reg alt self cast, so had to use this.

Elkanoís Buffbar= Showís playerís buffs and debuffs as bars, great mod.

Enchantrix= Displays disenchant info, hog, replacement???

EnhTooltip= Have to have with Auctioneer and Enchantrix, big tooltip. Replacement???

EQCompare (Ace 2)= Compare equipped inventory items with other equipment.

Fishing Buddy= A bit big but I like it better than Fish Ease.

Fizzle (Ace 2)= Shows item durability and quality in character frame and colors it.

FuBar 2.0 (Ace 2)= Panel that modules can plug into, titan panel replacement.
AmmoFu= Keeps track of ammo (the FU means it hooks into Fubar or at least can)

Bartender2Fu= Action Bar mod. Donít like the ďout of ranger coloringĒ on this. Itís only a small red dot in a corner of your spell square. I canít figure out how to make it color the whole square nor can I find a mod that does color the whole square of Bartender. Plus, it only give you 5 anything bars. Might replace this with BongoBars or something, suggestions???

BattegroundFu= Battleground information for fubar, just like titan.
ClockFu= Gives you a clock like titan but better.
CombatinfoFu= Adds combat stats in a central location on fubar.
CorkFu= Tracks needed buffs, debuffs, and more for you, your group, or raid.
DurabilityFu= Tracks durability of your equipment and can pop up dialog box at vendor.
EmoteFu= Easily access emotes on fubar.
ExperienceFu= Keeps track of experience.
GarbageFu= Can drop the least valuable item to make space, all doubles as a bag mod.
GroupFu= Combines Loot type and Roll from Titan.
HeyFu= Tracks whispers and conversations even while afk, and makes names clickable.
HonorFu= Keeps track of honor and pvp statistics.
ItemBonusesFu= Displays item bonuses of equipment on fubar.
KTMFu= Toggles hide of KTM threat meter.
LocationFu= Keeps track of you location and gives other info of the area.
MoneyFu= Tracks current money on all characters on one realm, configurable.
PerformanceFu= Tracks performance of memory, latency and framrate.
QuestsFu= Tracks quests, replaces Monkey quest.
RegenFu= Shows hp/mp regen rate, 5 second rule stats, and more.
ScaleFu= UI scale plugin for fubar.
SkillsplusFu= Shows skills in tooltip and allows them to be used. Tracks cooldowns, like magecloth and arcanite, which is what I use it for mostly.
Top ScoreFu= Tracks your reg and crits for damage/heals and more, replaces critline.
VolumeFu= Controls game volume settings.
WhispercastFu= Plugin for Fubar to see your cast mod.

Gmail (Ace 2)= CT_mailmod replacement and remembers last name mailed.

Inflight (Ace 2)= Configurable flight timer.

ItemRack= Context menus for inventory items. (Need ItemRack for Dummies also)

KLMThreatMeter= Monitors your threat.

Lexan (Ace 2)= Prevents certain windows, like AH, from being closed accidentally. Lets you open character frame over AH without closing AH.

Master Control Program= Lets you see your addons in game and enable or disable them plus it can reload your UI.

Manufac (Ace 2)= Retooled professions table with queue options for auto crafting.

Minnastats= Tracks damage/healing for self/party/raid, I like it better than Damage Meters. Lets you report easily to several channels, plus keeps a per fight total.

Mobhealth3 (Ace 2)= Estimates a mobís health.

oCB2 (Ace 2)= Configurable casting bar replacement.

OmniCC= Cooldown count for everything.

Ora2 (Ace 2)= CT_Raidassist Replacement.

OutfitDisplayFrame (v 0.5.8)= Displays a set of equipable items.

Party Spotter v3.10.11200= Configurable highlighter of party members/raider/guidies on the world map.

Prat (Ace 2)= Framwork for chat frame, highly configurable.

QuestHistory (Version 2.51)= Lists all quests youíve done/on/abandoned.

QuestItem= Stores list of items and tells you which quest they belong to and lets you know if they are still active or not.

ScrollingCombatText (Ace 2)= Adds scrolling text above your toon.
SCT Ė Damage (Ace 2)= Adds your damage to scrolling combat text.
SCT Cooldowns (v 1.4)= Adds cooldown messages to SCT.
SCT Options (Ace 2)= Options for SCT, load on demand.
SCTD Options (Ace 2)= Options for SCTD, load on demand.

Set Wrangler= Lets you mix and match set bonuses and try them on.

Simple Combat Log= Simplifies combat messages.

SmartRes (Ace 2)= Configurable mod for rezzers to let them pick rez orders and announce who they are rezzing.

SortEnchant (Ace 2)= Adds groupings to the enchanting window and filters also.

SpellAlert SCT= Warns players of the spell being cast from hostile unit through SCT.
SpellAlert SCT Options= Options for SpellAlertSCT, load on demand.

Sprocket (Ace 2)= Flexible marking of wheel menu interface.

Squeenix (Ace 2)= Square minimap and more.

Squishy (Ace 2)= Improved emergency monitor.

Stubby= Allows load on demand addons to load automatically.

SuperInspect= Lets you see other toons equipment and more
SuperInspect_UI= This is the UI that loads with SuperInspect.

TheoryCraft= Tells you everything about an ability right on the tooltip.

Tooltip Wrangler= Allows the user to move the tooltips freely about the screen.

TradeSkill Info UI (Ace 2)= Complete Tradeskillinfo UI.
TradeSkill Info (Ace 2)= Compete tradeskill info, replaces, Fizzís regent cost and addspace, recipe book and others all in one.

TrinketMenu= Give a bar to manage trinkets. I was told ItemRack will do this also but the bar is nice to have and I canít figure out ItemRack Action menu lol.

Tristanís Item/RPP Mod= Nice info addition for tool tips.

UberQuest= Dual pane quest list/log window replacement.

Visor2 (Ace 2)= Frame modification addon. This thing is so complicated that I think Iím going to remove it and reinstall move anything.

Whispercast v3.0= Queue buff/cure spell cast based on group whispering you.

X-Perl by Zek Frame Mod= The most efficient frame mod out there with the most options to boot, donít believe me, try it.

Xloot Master (Ace 2)= Configurable master looter dropdown menu.
Xloot (Ace 2)= Configurable lootframe that combines quick loot.

XraidStatus (Ace 2)= Status info about the raid group.

Thanks for reading thru this. I learned after the first post, that I needed to put a short description on the mods so everyone knew what I was using, since not everyone uses the same thing, duh. I know that I have 2 maps systems, but Atlas offers a few things that Cartographer doesnít at this point but I expect to drop Atlas in the future. I also know that I have 2 profession mods, but as I stated, the one I use for the profession timer basically, since I canít keep track when 3 days have went by without it. Anything anyone sees that I need to change please let me know, or that I need to add, again, let me know.

There are a couple points that are especially troublesome for me at this point. I would like to replace Bartender2 for the reasons I stated but it is Ace 2 and Fubaríd, so that makes it tough to get rid of easily, so maybe someone knows how to fix my issues with the mod? The whole Auctioneer/Enchantrix hog system is the major problem. I like the information (my guildies canít seem to live without it), but I would really like to replace it with a better system without losing any functions that are in place now. If anyone knows any combination of mods that would do it, please let me know. Finally, a small issue Iíve run into testing. I have my bars at the bottom of the screen along with a bottom Fubar (also have a top fubar) and when Iím in a fight and I mouse down quickly to cast a spell, it keeps bringing up a menu from one of the mods on fubar because I get too close to it. Anyone know a way to fix that? Can you make Fubar only come up on Click instead of mouse over or something?

*Edit Swapped Fizz's auto craft for Manufac, does a bit more and it's Ace 2 and Fubar'd.

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