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Originally Posted by Soli View Post
I see the BfA and the Legion Emissaries with the new C.-Quest update.

How can i hide the Legion one. I dont need it anymore


What you are experiencing comes from having the newest Alpha version of Carbonite Quest. In the release version there will be an option to turn it off or on. Until then, what you can do, is roll back Carbonite Quest to last known version that didn't have the Emissaries showing, which would be the release from August 30th 2018. This can be done from the Twitch Client.

1. Exit WoW and close down it's client
2. Open Twitch Client
3. Make sure that the Twitch Client isn't set to automatically update addons.
4. Find Carbonite Quest and right click to view Changelog.
5. Then go to Versions, and pick the latest Release (not alpha). Install it and close Twitch Client again and load WoW.
Result: That should have your Emissaries removed from the QuestTracker.

Know this though, it removes both the Legion and BfA one. Atm, you can't have one without the other.
See my post here: https://github.com/mikepauer/Carbonite.Quests/issues/49 and scroll to the last post I published.

What I've suggested doesn't change, that once the newest Alpha becomes the newest release, you should update it again. For now, though this is a workaround that works.
Want to upload carbonite quest data? Then this is link you need: http://atk.github.io/Carbonite/ scroll down the page and halfway there's a button for Browse. Follow the directions to [WoW]\WTF\Account\[Account]\SavedVariables directory and select the file named Carbonite.Quests (it's the LUA file) then upload the file.

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