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Post 2 – About me
About Richwarf

My real name is Richard, I have only relly played 2 online games long term, the frist one is Ulitma Online, I played on the Europa server. I was not very creative with my toons names as they was Richard then a romen number on the end, my active toons become just by random was...

Richard who become my mule (who did all my crafting work, and repairs)
Richard V who become my warrior
Richard VII who become my mage (64 spells some good some bad)

Then after the guild moved to World of Warcraft, I was playing both games for some time, after a bit I won a sash that sold for 100 million gold (about 10K in wow terms) which if I sold for real cash I was able to get about 100 at the time (yes you was able to sell items and gold for real cash and you wold not break any game rules, one of a very few games which you can do this in)

After a bit a made my last toon in UO, It was Richwarf, He become my PvP (player vs player) or as it was know in UO item vs item, since there was no item like in WoW, You made a item with runic kits which was a pain in there own right to get to get random stats on that item you crafted, the only thing you was able to control was what type of item it was, and how powerful the stats was. So you may of got a item which was no use to any one, or you may of got an item worth more that what you made in a year. Yes if you got lucky you was able to make some sick gold (and cash).

Anyways, As you can guess my 2nd game I have played long term is WoW, as of Sunday 16th august, I have played 4,677 hours (I know this as I always keep a program called Xfire running, for more info please see the last part of this post).

My 1st toon in WoW was Richardv a human warrior since the time I started playing the game Richardv was my main toon in UO, and was the toon I was know most by in the guild. So it made sensce to make a toon by that name, this days Richardv can be found in IF selling glyphs on the auction house.

My 2nd toon I made after finding out playing a warrior was much harder that in UO was Richwarf, The Dwarf hunter, Richwarf was my main toon, I only stopped playing him as a main when Wrath of the Lick king come out. The main reason why I stopped was the lag hell it was trying to level when there was lots of people about trying to do the same quest and just ninjaing all the mobs..

So my 3rd was Auction, a gnome warlock, she does all my auction house work but glyphs, saves me messing about with bags :P

My 4th toon was Noxsham. My resto shaman, she is now my main ever since LK come out (see Richwarf above). She is my only level 80 at the time of making this guide. She did start life off as a male but bizz give her the cut and well, I never made a page about it since I was thinking about paying to get him the cut, go and make your self a male draenei and a female draenei, just cast healing wave and look at what they do, I sure you will argee that she looks better casting that the man :P

My 5th and last toon is Noxie, She is going to be a tankadin and healadin at level 80, how many times have you been looking for a tank or heal? DPS you can find quite fast, but finding a good healer or tank is a nightmare at times. But she is only level 43 at this time. I am getting there but I have no real rush at this time

How I made my toons names

Richardv was my main in ultima online when I started playing WoW, so he a no brainer :P

Richwarf got his frist part of his name from my name (rich) and warf from dwarf, since richdwarf looked silly, so I just dropped the D which give Richwarf.

Auction, well that a no brainner as well, when I made that toon I know she was going to be my auction house alt, but what makes her diffent from other auction house alt is she level 35, this is so she was able to disenchant anything intill LK come out by being at 275, now after LK she needs to get her skill to 350 ish, but that means leveling her again and I cant be bothered, Noxie will be max enchanting, so I will just use her that items auction cant do :P You can call her the new Richard (from UO lol)

Noxsham come about from one of the spells I was casting a lot in UI on RichardVII (the mage), that spell was Poison, and the power word for poison was Nox, really go look it up HERE. Anyways, I was thinking about a good name for both WoW and UO when I was playing both games still, (yes Noxsham was played when I was playing both games but only when I got burn out on the hunter) So Noxsham come to mind and it sounded good :P So Noxsham was born (as it speak)

Noxie well that just one of the other names that come to mind, but it did not sound as good for a shamie, so I name saved it for a later date, So it does read Poisonie. So now you know :P

Other websites I a fan of
I a user of a number of websites, most websites I am know under Richwarf or rwrj88 (school user name lol). So here the links to the websites I am a active member on, for if you care :P

Video Sites

Guild Website

I am on other websites as well but most of them are just name holders so people don't 'steal' my name.

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