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B]Post 3 Setting up[/b]
Editing Nui into 3 rows of 4 (thanks Rossman)

Originally Posted by rossman View Post
I use the n52te with a custom button config for the top 3 bars. I tried the other addons but in the end I like this the best and it is one less addon needed. Until Spiel creates the nui custom button bars you can only have 12 buttons per bar or it doesnt work well.
*note this message was cut short to save space, feel free to go and read his post in full*

I have attached the edited file to help you save editing the code yourself, but you can DIY it if you like

Thanks again rossman for showing me how to edit the bars this way

just download this file of lua and place it in your /wow/interface/addons/nui/Layouts/Default and delete the old nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua and save the downloaded one in that place.

Setting up your N52te

Now it time to program your N52te, You can do it how ever you like, but this is what works best for me.

I set the main keys from one (top left) to 14 (bottem right next to the scroll) as ...
shift, 1, 2, 3, -, Ctrl, 4, 5, 6, =, Alt, 7, 8, 9
I set the scroll to have up as Tab, Press as space and down as `,
Then the small round button above the Dpad as esc
I leave the Dpad as it come, so i am able to move my toon ingame vai the arrow keys.
And last but not least is the 15th number button under the Dpad as 0.

This may look silly but here some pics to help you under stand what each button does.

This is what it looks like (again with more overlay) of what it looks like

Before you ask why i have my 0 under the Dpad is i use this key as a panic button, so i have my arrrrgh macro on it.

Links to where you can buy your N52TE

Go to http://www.belkin.com/wheretobuy/n52te.aspx?targ=52 to find out where you can buy your N52TE.

Pros and cons of using a gamepad vs keyboard
Less need to move your hand, so you dont press the wrong key or spell.
Made to play on for hours
Programable keys (yes you can have a jump, spin and shoot key)
Fits your hand better

1 more thing for your desk and get used to.
Cost money to buy one

Both pro and con
Less keys (less licky to press the wrong one but also only able to have a set number of keys)
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