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Post 4 – Key bindings
Key things to keep in mind for easy key bindings

Use kiss, Keep It Simple Silly.
Why make it hard for yourself to use the spells you need to when you need to?
Sure you have just set your N52TE up so you have (7 sets of 12) 84 key bindings just on the n52te, do you need to use them all? no.

What I do is I have the same spells on the same buttons across my toons when I can, So when I scroll my mouse up I cast a small heal, and down is a big heal, cure on MB 4 and a arrrrgh on 0 (under the Dpad).

If you do something like this, then you can learn you spells a lot faster.

If you spam a spell all the time add it to a easy to hit key, again why do something the hard way?

Don't look at your keyboard/gamepad if you are looking at your hands when you are playing you are not looking out for fire/voidzone, this may be a hard thing for you to break, so get something like a towel and cover your hands. Think of it this way, do you look at your hands when your driving on the roads? I hope not, so why do it when you are using a computer?

Sure you may need to from time to time to find a key you dont use that offent, but if you are playing WoW with keybindings you shold know where your keys are WITHOUT looking.

If you can think of any more tips please send me a PM and I will be happy to add them (giving you the credit)

Key bindings for Noxsham and why I have what where it is

I have learn all my spells to what button they are on, you dont need to bealbe to learn them all I a week, but start off with what you spam all the time

I will note them down as you look at the N52TE, see the post above if you dont under stand what key is where

I will be using the following codes...
1 to 0 and – and = is the keys
MB 4 = mouse button 4 (on the side top)
MB 5 = mouse button 5 (on the side bottom)
MS up = scroll up
MS down = scroll down 

the scroll on the N52TE is...
Up is tab
Press is space
down is ` (used for smart buff trigger see addons).
NO other key bindings are used but this on that scroll.

}text{ = it's a macro button :) see macro post (next one down)
[test] = different for ele spec
Normal (no key bindings)
1 Lesser Healing Wave }power heal{
2 Healing Wave }power heal{
3 Chain Heal }power heal{
- }chain lightning and lightning bolt{
4 Riptide }power heal{ [Ele master]
5 }Earth shield{ [thunderstorm]
6 Flame Shock
= Lava Burst
7 }Hex{
8 Lightning Bolt
9 Chain Lightning
0 }arrrrgh{
MB 4 = }Cure and purge{
MB 5 = }Chain Heal{
MS up = }Lesser healing wave{
MS down = }Healing wave{

1 Mana Tide Totem [ITEM crazy alch pot]
2 ITEM Crazy Alch Pot
3 Hero/bloodlust
- }Wind Shock{
4 Earth Shock
5 Flame Shock
6 Frost Shock
= PvP Trink
7 ADDON Smart mount 1
8 ADDON Smart mount 2
9 ADDON Smart mount 3
0 weapon
MB 4 = }}Call of A{{
MB 5 = Res
MS up = }}Call of E{{
MS down = }}Call of S{{

Crtl (totem zone, in rows of type of totem)
1 Stone Skin
2 Searing
3 Windfury
- Mana Spring
4 Tremor / Claw (claw for when I board and power leveling guidies)
5 Nove
6 Grounding
= Cleaning
7 Earth Bind
8 Magma
9 Wrath of air
0 Totem recall
MB 4 =
MB 5 =
MS up =
MS down =
no you are not missing totem of wrath, I did not spec into it.

Totem Sets
Call of A is Earth Bind Totem, Fire Nova Totem, Cleansing Totem and Grounding totem, I use this one for PvPing in melee range, Earth bind to root the player to the ground for the fire nova totem to go off for some damage, and I running back to range to drop my next Set

Call of E which is Tremor Totem, Searing Totem, Healing Totem and Grounding Totem, This is my PvP range drop, searing to help attack them, grounding to stop DK pulling and and healing totem to keep me and my party alive.

And my PvE set,
Call of S which is Stoneskin totem, Flametonge totem, mana spring totem and Warth of air. If there is a pally in the group I ask them to king use and NOT wisdom us, this makes the group much better, So if needed I will change the totems for this set only for the raid, but I always come back to this set for PvE and raiding.

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