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Post 6 – Addons
Most links will be from there home site (if knowen) or Curse (since i use Curse updater)

What addons you CANT use with Nui
Any addon that trys to redo waht Nui already done like,
Pitbull (3 or 4), trys to play with the health bars, breaks nUI
Bar mods, trys to play with the bars, breaks nUI
Move Anything, already built into nUI, why do you need it?
((more to come, PM me if you can think of any))

How I keep all my addons up to date
I keep all my addons uptodate by scribing to there sites if they have there own, adding them to my favites so the addon site lets me know by mail when there a update.
But the best way was to use wowmatix intill it was killed off, now the best way (intill the wowinterface updater comes out) is vai the curse update.

But i know i will be moving over to the WoWI one when it comes out, even more when you cna update curse mods off it as well .

Addons I have used with Nui and why
Addons for overall

Autobar, I hate loosing things or having keybindings on flasks, if you do you waste them if you hit the wrong key...

Bagnon, I hate having 5 bags, this makes it a lot easyer for me :P

Fubar, Lots of plugins, if you can think of it, it been made for fubar (or Brocker)

-Broker2Fubar, you can look for fu or Broker plugins :P

Carbonite, great addon, questhelper, tomquest and more all in one addon
URL comming later

Clique I only use this to make sure my MB4 and MB5 work as they shold over a target.

Outfitter, With this addon i never think about what set of gear i'm in , PvP, Resto and Ele all taken care of :P

SmartMount, Random mounts from ANY you know :P

Smartbuff, always keep youself and team mates buffed

Talented, save preset tanents, Sure you can have two, but sometimes you need more. (PvE and PvP Resto, PvE and PvP Ele, dont get me started on druids...)

Xloot Keep track of who is looking what, it nice and small so if some one loots you can still see what going on about you.
You can also get the other Xloot plugins for it, there usful at times.

Addons for raiding.

Big Brother, Make sure only the tank is breaking CC, not that it relly needed in this day of raiding, Also usful for finding people who dont use the food or flask.

Deadly Boss Mods aka DBM, A raiders must, Also useful for other parts of the game such as 5 mans and PvPing in BG's
-DBM-TBC, Usful for if you plan on going to have some fun in TBC raids

Grid, Not just for healers, you can also use this as a DPSer to help cure people, or jsut keep an eye on your raid.

Mil Scrolling Battle Text, Much better that the bizzard one, you can set it up so incomming heals and attacks are on one side and out going on the other

Omen, Sure arrgo does not matter so much anymore, but you can still over do it and get yourself killed by arrgo...

Ora2, One of the few addons a raider must have, some guilds will NOT let you come unless you got this and DBM

Addons for Getting better
Atlas, Never get lost in the old world runs again, intill bizzard adds the maps in for the old worlds that is :P
URL comming later

Atlasloot Enhanced, WoW head is better, but useful for look ahead for a set boss to see if there anything that may be good for you.

DrDamage, Dont let it name fool you, it also works out healing spells :P. This works out the range that you will relly hit somthing for. Great addon :P

Pawn,Work out vai weights if an item is a upgrade or not, but dont take what it says as a rule, only as a guide. Dont forget to make your own (or copy WoWhead weights),

Rating Buster, See what you gain and loose at the bottem of the item, this realy needs to be added by bizzard if you ask me.

Addons for PvPing, BG's, WG or Arena
I not going to relink items from above, I'm just list them now for you :P
DBM, Mil Scrolling Battle Text,Outfitter, Smartbuff, Talented, Grid

Gladius, Know who you are up agiest in the arena.

Addons for Crafting and Selling

[b]Ackis Recipe List/b], Tells you what you cant craft and how to get it, saves looking at wowhead a lot :P

Auctioneer, I dont know how you know about nUI and NOT know about aucitoneer :P, It great for 2 things. It works out the normal market price over time, and bulk posting for it price or a set price.

Sparkys Workshop, If you use auctioneer, this will tell you what you can craft to make money

Postal, If your going to be selling a lot on the AH then you need a mail addon to open all the mail for you. You try hand opening 500 mails from the AH...

Skillet, great addon for crafting a lot of items, sure it not been updated for a long time, but it still works as of 3.2, It also looked after by the same coder as lil sparky workshop, so you know them will work well with each other

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