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Post 8 - Tips on DPS

Know what the boss shold do, Learn if there anything your class can do to help the raid.

Keep out of the fire, studys have showen standing in fire gets you yelled at and not invited to the next run.

Keep your self alive, Healers will normaly NOT heal you if the tank is being hit on.

Sit down outside of raid time and plan your attack rotation.

Dont worry about your DPS meater to much, If you worry about it to much you get yourself killed by fire.

Rember one golden rule, a DEAD DPSer is DEAD weight for your group to carry, Raid Leaders will always take a 1K DPSer who lives for the whold battle that the 10K DPSer who is dead within 10 secs of the fight starting.

(more tips welcome)

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