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Originally Posted by Dalmasca1 View Post
First step, make sure you have the updated version, RC3. I continually forget to check that when I report a problem.

It should work for you if you followed those steps. I just did it myself, in fact.

Did you set the Main Trigger too? I omitted it from the steps because it seemed like you already got that down.

Under Activation, you should be able to set the Main Trigger as "Unit Buff/Debuff", then set the Buff/Debuff Matches to your dot of choice (use the window button at the right side of the dialog box and be sure to hit Apply). Then make sure your type is set to "Debuff" in the dropdown box, and your Unit is "Target", not Player.
yep i had all that down except for one little detail.. both "player" and "target" were checked, thanks alot, you have been a great help!

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