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Sorry Guys but i need your help again.

I tryd to find out where Skada save the Position but maybe im to stupid.
I cant find the right thing.

Every login ive to use this macros

/run SkadaBarWindowRecount:ClearAllPoints()
/run SkadaBarWindowRecount:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", UIParent, 15, 272)
/run SkadaBarWindowRecount:SetUserPlaced(true)
/run SkadaBarWindowRecount:SetSize(340, 180)
/run SkadaBarWindowOmen:ClearAllPoints()
/run SkadaBarWindowOmen:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", UIParent, 1565, 272)
/run SkadaBarWindowOmen:SetUserPlaced(true)
/run SkadaBarWindowOmen:SetSize(340, 180)
Because Skada move every Login/reload.

Is there any option to save ALL info on blizz server and not on my pc?
chat, buttons , positions and so an?
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