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Originally Posted by Dolby View Post
What happens if you click the link to the image you posted above? Do you just get a 404 or do you get some other error page?

Also what browser & os are you on?

About 1hr ago I switched the subdomain used for our static content to cdn-wow.mmoui.com when it was previously cdn.wow.mmoui.com. The reason is for future preparation of full site ssl and our certs will not work with 3rd level subdomains. This also switched our CDN provider from akamai to cloudflare.
I can't resolve cdn-wow.mmoui.com at all which is hte majority of your images. It won't resolve at all via ping and I get the lovely name not resolved error in Chrome. Looks like you need to force an update for the sub domain.

The switch form akamai to cloudflare might be the culprit. ATT (my ISP and hence DNS) is all in bed with Akamai.

Best guess it is a dns delay issue and will be resolved when I wake up in the morning.

Just wanted to give you a heads up.

And it looks like it's working so just took a bit to update I guess.

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