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I just tried this(and first impression is its not exactly what i wanted) i was looking for something to show what i would gain(yes it shows that) on a NON souldbound item. This seems to only show what i would gain on quest rewards and soulbound items i already have. I'm looking for something that will tell me if something that's boe(not soulbound yet) if i gain enough for what im looking for to soulbind that item. So i know to sell the item on the AH or use the item for myself?

Could some one make this please if there isn't something that already does this and i would like it in a window mode so im not just getting percentages i want to see how it would physiccaly effect my dmg not just i gain 10ap which = X dmg. i want to see if a weapon with 100-300 dmg at 2.7speed will give me more upfront dammage than a sword of 100-250 at 2.6 speed with ap on it.
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