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With a little bit of trial and error, I've figured out a bit of how the bars you create relate to the real bars for documentation purposes.

The first 12 buttons you create uses Bar 1, the next 12, uses bar 2, and so on until you hit bar 10 (120 total global buttons).

While you can create additional bars past that, it they will not be assignable as they are reserved for various things such as the totem bar.

It does not matter how you actually split the bars, but the assignment is in order of whatever you create the bars in the config.

Looking at your example,

B = Number of buttons in the bar
V= Pixels from bottom
H= Pixels from Center, positive going right.
W = Number of buttons per row (rows are generated based on [b]uttons/[W]idth)
S = Switching based on the model form:1 => bar 1
N= ??? I have no idea
K= Key binding, ordered by the order of bars from left to right, top row to bottom, placed in a single dimension array.

So...what's N? I couldn't figure that out at all as the code is of course obfuscated for compactness.

FYI: I'm Pallyana on the "other" forum thread.

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