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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
So long as they maintain no one can touch it, we can't do a carbonite continued. The developers control it reguardless aging or not.

I offered to buy the source, I have not had an official response yes or no yet but I was told there is a very low chance of the original source being released publicly as they wish to keep it out of blizzards hands (my guess is the fued dates back to the new addon policy which everyone guessed at the time was directed at carbonite), but that's just a guess the only word I got was "to keep it from them".

parts of carbonite are all datamined, and they have tools to get that data (developed by haavok is my understanding). But you don't need the tools, I was able to do my updates without them... it just took time to figure out the forumula's they used.
Why can't we make a free version? I mean we couldn't use the code or any art asset files that carbonite ships with, but we could make our own. It would be work of course, but I had been thinking about it, or just doing without.

My problem with Carbonite is that knowing that it does obfuscate code and that breaks Blizzard's policy. Sure from reading this thread I see that Blizzard blessed it, and that they selectively enforce that policy. Part of me wonders if the community managers are the ones looking, and that might mean if a real developer looked at it, they may throw a red flag on it. I don't know. Its probably safe, but... And that but worries me.

Anyways, I don't want to rehash what others have said, or go to far off topic, so I will stop now.