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Originally Posted by schizophrena View Post
Good job name calling - I am sure that makes the authors want to give up something they spent a lot of time creating. I agree, do not donate if you don't want to - same thing the authors have said for a long time. As to honor... walk a mile in their shoes first and see if you feel the same way. Create a business, put in thousands of hours into it and then just give the business up to another person to take it over. Honor, ethics and/or morals do not dictate that they hand over their business and their work.
Sometimes name calling fits. I understand the frustration. I am sick and tired of the Blizz map for questing. I wish Blizz would just buy out Carbonite and keep it as is, but up to date and make it optional to use. It would be nice if they did that with all popular addons that are created by authors who have become lazy.