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Originally Posted by aessedai View Post
I wish Blizz would just buy out Carbonite and keep it as is, but up to date and make it optional to use. It would be nice if they did that with all popular addons that are created by authors who have become lazy.
Blizz has done that with many popular addons and have taken the code and incorporated it into the game or taken the same layout - but have done that without paying anything (calendars, outfitter, etc). This is something that, I assume, the developers have said they didn't want to happen (I remember something about them not wanting blizzard to have the code).

Also, the talk with Rythal - when and if it happens will happen on the Authors decision and should go however they want. I assume it will go more along the lines of "Please do not release this directly to Blizzard and here is the code/program to keep the code hidden/changed, let us know if you have questions/problems and we'll try to help as soon as possible." You also assume that they are doing this because they want donations. They removed the donations part of their web-site, so the "they only want your donations and will never update" line seems to be pretty well scrapped to me.