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Originally Posted by Simulo View Post

I know that it saves it. I'm saying it was completely stupid to implement it so each BG had it's own container.

Instead of making it so all the maps go into the World Map Container, after all that container is hidden/removed while in a BG.

I guess you just don't understand what I'm saying...I really don't know how to explain it any simpler.
If the lot of us don't understand what you're saying than there are two reasons. One you are far more intelligent than us (like Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory) or you're not explaining it well/correctly.

My understanding of your use of "container" is the shape and location of each map and how you can re-size or relocate it. If we had one "container" with the world map and each and every BG - then they would all stay in the same place/size unless you re-sized them each time you wanted something different. If this is true, what that means for myself and a lot of PVP enjoyers (I'm not a lover or someone who must PVP, but I enjoy doing randoms/etc.) is that each time we go into AV, we want a tall and thin map, preferably zoomed in. For AB we want a square that is zoomed in and cropping the starting locations/mountains. For WSG again we want a taller, slightly thinner map. For EoTS, probably near the same modifications as AB. For SotA, probably around the dimensions of WSG.

Your proposal, as I understand it, would keep all these maps at the same size and location as the world map (and I also assume zoom) unless we want to change them for a BG, in which case when we get out of a BG, we would need to re-size/relocate/re-zoom in for our preferred world settings?. Is this what you intend/want? If not, try breaking it down into small parts and/or examples for us to understand.

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