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Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
Map Container is what ever that frame is tagged (named in the LUA file) that loads the world map into it. They (Carb Devs) made separate containers to load each of the BGs into. I call it a container, some call it a frame. But a frame implies you can see it, which may not always be the case.

This means if you want to change the default location you must drag:

-World Map
-WSG Map
-AB Map
-AV Map
-EotS Map
-SotA Map
-IoC Map
-What ever the map is with the Wildhammer-theme
-What ever the map is with the Worgen-theme
-Any BG introduced in MoP
-Any future BG introduced

Yes, I know you only have to do it once, then load that profile on each character.

But basically, I have to revolve my entire UI around the location of the Carbonite Map (default middle left-side of screen).

My proposal is that you move ONE container, the Map Container. I have no problem with changing zooms.
So, unless I'm crazily misunderstanding what you're saying, there would be one frame/window and all the maps would appear inside that frame, and wherever you moved that frame, the BG maps, the world map, etc would all appear inside it.

I totally don't want that, at all. I have every BG map sized and shaped differently. My alterac Valley map runs down the whole left side of my screen because it's an incredibly long, narrow BG. My Eye of the Storm and Arathi Basin BG maps are also narrow and elongated to show the nodes and the rez points in the north and south. Some of the maps are basically square, but they're differently sized depending on how densely packed with detail they are. I don't WANT a single "one size fits all" uni-frame. I love that it remembers that I view different BG maps through differently sized/shaped/zoomed/positioned frames.

Maybe Rythal, if he's willing, could make it an option "view all maps through World Map frame" or maybe more accurately "View all maps through frames identical to World map frame". I would never set that option, but clearly you would.