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Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
Then at the very least a "World Map" And a "BG Map" container should be used.
Even reducing it to 1 main map frame and 1 BG map frame would still defeat the purpose that PVPers put it to. It seems pretty clear that the reason the developers made them all different containers is because they anticipated that people would do what Schizo and I do, namely make each battleground map a different, unique shape/size/zoom/location. Anyone who plays tons of BGs (I run a PVP guild) can tell you that Carbonite's ability to allow different setups for different BGs is one of its best features.

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
Or as you suggest an option to use separate containers, much like how you can tell Dominos if the keybinds should be character specific or not.

For those wondering, I scrapped the whole Blizzard UI and made a new UI, that is setup for all classes. With certain mods turned off (ie my Totem Manager isn't active on my Paladin).

This is great because I never have to look at my UI to see where something is on "this guy", because of "that guy" it's 'here'.
As long as utilizing the same map frame for all maps was an optional/toggled feature, sounds like everyone could be happy.