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Originally Posted by Chmee View Post
Blizzard provides three maps: the minimap, the map, and the BG map. By default, the minimap sits in the upper right corner of the screen, the map opens to cover most of the screen, and is centered. The BG map is I don't know where by default.

Carbonite replaces the map with its own map, and provides the option to dock or merge the minimap in the map.

nUI puts the minimap in the bottom middle of the screen, the carbonite map in an info panel on the bottom right of the screen (when minimized) and the BG map in another info panel in that same location. A selector button is used to switch between the minimized map and the BG map (and other options which may be available, like Skada). The shape of the BG map is the shape of the info panel (wider than it is tall). This may not be optimum for some battlegrounds, and it may be that nUI6 will provide changes or more options for the info panel, but in the meantime, I would not be happy to have half a dozen BG maps spread all over the screen, or the wrong shape for my info panel.
I use NUI as well. I have all my BG maps re-shaped from the Carbonite map info panel. I don't have a problem with them exceeding or changing to be outside the size of the info panel. Sometimes I've even moved the BG map completely out of that section (pretty much only AV).