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Well, I may have a solution for the above issues. . . when carbonite first loads and has the PvP module loaded it can ask if you want to have the same map placement every time or the ability to move it. A simple check box or radio button or Yes or No button. This way either side can have what they choose.

I do have a suggestion for when development of new features begins, that would be a waypoint system kinda like TomTom does. I think this would really be a nice addition to carbonite's maps feature.

The TomTom feature I am talking about is where you can paste into chat multiple /way xx.xx xx.xx lines and have the arrow point the way to each one.

Carbonite does have a right click and goto but I have not seen or heard of a way to enter multiple waypoints at specific x y locations and this would be great when searching for the rare pandaren finds as well as rare spawn points. And my wife would love it too as she has a difficult time getting to a specific x y location on her own.