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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
I actually have this fixed locally. I've just been trying to find the cause of the disconnect errors so my local version is a mess right now as I try different things.

If someone wants to push it ahead of time, the fix is in NxMap.lua

Around line 4065 change
if winfo.Garrison then

if winfo.Garrison and not isMicro then

As I don't have a mine I haven't tested it, but based on file paths inside the wow data files it should work.

-- Edit: Bah and i'm still in the github mindset, pushing it won't fix it for the live release :/
The line is 4062 and changing it doesn't fix the L2 & L3 mine maps (still green and misaligned).
Also I believe the function should be changed to use garrisonsmvalliance as base (no garrison build) and add _tierX depending on the level of the garrison. Take a look at: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...0&postcount=10
Will probably need the rest of the garrison zones added to the NxMapData.lua file.

Also I have a suggestion for a fix:
	[1009] = {
		Scale = 1.375,
		X = 725,
		Y = -781.6666015625,
+		Explored = true,
+		City = true,
		Overlay = "ashranalliancefactionhub",
	[1011] = {
		Scale = 1.6,
		X = 717.916796875,
		Y = -1108.333203125,
+		Explored = true,
+		City = true,
		Overlay = "ashranhordefactionhub",
Otherwise they are underneath the Ashran map and marked as unexplored.

BTW An explanation what exactly is the function of MapBaseName & Overlay would be nice, if possible some documentation in the file for the rest of the options as well.

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