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Originally Posted by jkt97401 View Post
I did this fix you entailed but strangely enough, I could no longer access flight paths. Once I disabled Carbonite, I could again access them. I tested it multiple times with this result haha. I sure hope the dev updates Carbonite, it's my saving grace.

Does anyone know of any alternative programs until then??

Thank you!
Thank you for trying my temporary "fix", but I think I need to clarify that my "fix" isn't what caused the issue with the flight paths. I'm sure though that this issue and the FP issue will be fixed when Rythal has time to address it.

Originally Posted by Thrumbar View Post
From WoWinterface


In fact, QUEST == "Quest" in enUS, just a string indicating quest items.
SetTradeSkillItem() has been removed
This one occurs in such circustance:
Lua Code:
hooksecurefunc(tooltip, 'SetTradeSkillItem', OnTradeSkill)

Also the flightpaths in Legion are not working while Carbonite is loaded.
Thanks for the quote and the link to that thread, Thrumbar.
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