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Originally Posted by Brugs
I am not sure when/how wowinterface / wowguru was build. However, I believe that they were definitely not from an empty playground.

However, I see the same similarity over and over with new UI Mod databases that they was created with pre-build UI Mods and they share the same user base. No matter in what scale you did this, without asking the authors it does not make you less suspected. I do not find it fair to be accused by the majority, because there is so many others linked to this factor.
However, one thing for sure, you cannot judge me like this - because I clearly explained that all major parts have done the same.
This site has never uploaded someone's mods. The only people that upload mods here are the mod authors themselves. Always been that way, always will be.

Another factor is you cannot judge anyone here about intellectual property - we can only hence about this. None of us has the technical expertise, neither the right to stamp each other - because this simply leads to no good.
Actually, yes we can. If you make available to others (redistribute) works done by someone other than yourself, without their express consent, that is infringement of their intellectual copyright protections. There are no two ways around it.

Let me say, though, that I do believe that you didn't intend any harm, and now that you see the response by the community, you have addressed it, which is all to the good. Kudos to you, it takes a big person to apologize.

Because I created the first UI Mod Database - does it give me the right to own the concept?
Check my "registered" date. We were around during closed beta. We had to close for a while for various reasons, and re-opened in January, the same time as Curse-Gaming.com and ui.worldofwar.net opened their doors. We just weren't as "big", because we didn't have a pre-populated database of mods, as already discussed.

All of that being said, I meant what I said on the Blizzard forums. Welcome back, I really do hope your site does well.

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