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Originally Posted by Cairenn
Actually, yes we can. If you make available to others (redistribute) works done by someone other than yourself, without their express consent, that is infringement of their intellectual copyright protections. There are no two ways around it.
Please stop accusing me; you do not have any physical evidence. Please revise your conclussion.

Well you cannot speak for other people - let people decide on there own, how they would like to redistribute there intellectual properties. Neither did I ask to Google to spider my site...

They are certainly welcome to email me with any concerns (admin at wow-db.com)

Originally Posted by Cairenn
Check my "registered" date. We were around during closed beta. We had to close for a while for various reasons, and re-opened in January, the same time as Curse-Gaming.com and ui.worldofwar.net opened their doors. We just weren't as "big", because we didn't have a pre-populated database of mods, as already discussed.
Registered date does not say anything - it's the content that count. You can do the talk, but can you do the walk?

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