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Originally Posted by Brugs
If you do not wish so, please provide me info about which UI Mod(s) you own and I will remove them from my site.
I think this is the fundamental problem. You assume you have permission and want people to send a request to remove mods. In fact, you DON'T have permission and you must have people send a note giving you permission. (It's fairly rare, but some mods are explicitly public domain. You can copy those without permission.)

As far as I can tell, there are 2 main mod sites. Curse gaming is the biggest site and caters to players looking for mods. It's like the Walmart of the mod world. The other big site, WoW Interface, is smaller, but friendlier and encourages conversation between authors and players. It's like a specialty book shop with good coffee. The two sites serve different needs and I think they co-exist pretty well. (In truth, I can see WoW Interface filling the role of Curse Gaming, but not vice versa.)

If you want to have a popular site, you've got to win over an audience. Beladona did this for me with the awesome version diffs. WoW wiki did this for me with the WoW API listing. WoW Interface did this for me with a great message board and mod author support. Curse gaming did this just by being huge.

How are you going to win people over?
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