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My issue isnt that you prepopulated it, whatever, If Curse and Worldofwar did it, Its still not right, but its not 'my' problem. That is I have no clue who's problem (I dont know who regulates this stuff nor do I care)

What MY Issue is noone can upload there so if you say have Kaeltens work there , originally without his permission but he decided to be a good sport and say go put the most updated wonderful version of his creation there, HE CANT EVEN DO THAT.

That is MY issue.

Give people a break, you expect them to be happy you not only uploaded their work but then made it impossible for them to work on it?

Thats what you need to get going and fast. Thats just plain wrong.

The rest of this stuff of prepopulating is wrong too, but most likely if other sites did it and got away with it, that set a precedent until someoen actually does something about it.

Get your site really ready, then put it up. Its half baked at the moment, but has potential....

Good luck,

I might add here, Cairenn was civil to you in her post and you responded with a really defensive post, get professional while your at it. Honestly, you seem like you have a good intention but its not up to her to walk the walk, shes got a track record. Its up to you to show people your actions meet with your words.

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