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Cataclysm: Time to support

Let's consider this a hey carb devs we give a crap and wanna help out thread

If you guys like the idea please sticky it, I will maintain it until PTR testing and into release until we have a valid working DB for you guys. After all, it'll be for me to

This is meant to be a list thread for all those using Carbonite that are part of the supporters section and want the devs to know we will test quests and submit feedback for new quests to them.

Devs: Not sure if you have any quest/item/creature cache reading tools available, but if you do I have a guild of 158 active accounts all willing to test. ( Yes they all use Carb )

Anyone interested in doing early ASAP testing on PTR when it's available please sign up here. I'm sure the devs would love the help.

Those interested:

EQSanctum/Shadowfox - Status:Confirmed on PTR testing
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