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Changes to Quests51-60.lua File

Today as I quested with a friend in Silithus, I discovered two related quests that used to have 3 objectives now only have one. They are "Glyph Chasing" which is located at line 1155 and "Breaking the Code" which is presently located at line 1171.

While doing "Glyph Chasing", I noticed that only Hive Regal showed up in the objective list followed by two "nil" (mystery) objectives. I forgot to pick up "Breaking the Code", so when I turned in "Glyph Chasing" I picked it up and noticed the same situation.

So I made the following changes before doing the quest to make sure my edits wouldn't cause any errors.

Glyph Chasing - Reduced from 3 objectives to 1
Only Hive Regal objective now given
Deleted Lines 1159 - 1169 inclusive

Breaking the Code - Also reduced from 3 objectives to 1
Only Hive Regal objective now given.
Deleted lines 1175 - 1300 inclusive

For those making these changes themselves, I only eliminated the objective sections of these two quests since they are no longer necessary. If you do the quests with Carbonite as it now is, the other two objectives only show up as "nil". Only the Regal Hive objective shows as it should.

I hope this helps and can be included in a future update of Carbonite.

If it would help for me to do what is necessary to get authorization to post the code to the whole file for people to make these changes, please let me know how to go about doing that. Thanks.

Also, if my efforts are helping in anyway or not, I would appreciate at least a rating or comment to let me know. I have posted code fixes and offered suggestions in other threads that I think should be considered for future updates without any kind of response. So, it would be nice to know if posting changes when I find and fix them are helpful or a waste of time.

I should have included these screenshots when I first posted this to show how the quest watch window looks before and after the edits, but I had to run these quests again on another alt so I could show both of them.
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