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Well, to take tell Glyph Chasing as an example, I have absolutely no idea of what the numbers or their position in the Objective lines refer to, so I wouldn't have a clue how to plug in the entrance coords. Of the objective lines:

Objectives = {
[1] = {
[2] = {
[3] = {

I have no idea which one, [1], [2], [3], refers to the one remaining objective of the quest. If I knew that my thought would be to take out the other two and leave the Objectives section in for that one and see how Carbonite reacts to that, and do the same for the other quest.

I suspect that the Objectives section is needed, even if it is only for one objective as I noticed in the LUA file there were several other quests that had an Objectives section with only one objective listed. I think I remember a post where Rhythal posted a breakdown of the Quest file Objectives section lines but darned if I remember which thread it was in.

Unfortunately all of my characters have long since done all the Silithus quests so other than starting a new character and laboriously leveling up I have no way to test any quests in Silithus or changes to the LUA lines in Quests51-60.lua. But, these days I haven't the time or patience to start another character over from scratch. Well, mostly make that a lack of patience
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