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Holy mother of necros, but, I'm curious if you think it would be possible to edit either the oUF_AuraBars.lua or my oUF layout to check (on PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED) if the target is the same unit as one of the boss frames, and if so, hide the debuffbar frame associated with the respective boss..n's frame. All attempts thus far have either, a, caused an LUA error, or b, caused it to hide both target and all said boss' debuffbar frame.

I suppose I could write something in the oUF_AuraBars code that would create a frame, registerevent player_target_changed, and then do an on event script of
Lua Code:
  1. for i = 1, 5 if UnitIsUnit('target', 'boss'..i) then
  2.     oUF_TerennaBoss..i.DebuffBars:Hide()
  3. else
  4.     oUF_TerennaBoss..i.DebuffBars:Show()
  5. end

Would that last suggestion even work?
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