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I got another solution idea, which shouldn`t be "illegal" :

So I would think about creating an Addon, which makes screenshots whenever an defined InGame Event happens. So

For example:

Player A queues for AB, the addon creates an screenshot of that event. The image is getting named ab_queue.jpg. So the image get`s saved in real-time. Also the Addon should provide some sort of signals, for example if a battleground pops a green signal appears. Therefore the green signal appears on the screenshot.

Than I have a program running in the background which watches the screenshot directory for the event_named screenshots (ab_queue,ab_pop,ab_leave,wsg_queue,wsg_pop,etc. ). If such an event with the addon-signal get`s captured, it takes this screenshot and processes it with some sort of image processing library to search and interpret the signals of the addon and if it has finished the interpretation, it loads up the data to my REST service. As I only need simple signals, it could be achieved through an addon with a total of 9 different signals (just want to have ab,wsg and av)

So my questions related to the WoW Addon API would be:

I read that it`s possible to shoot screenshots via an addon, but it`s also possible to name the screenshots? And if not, could I tell the Addon where the Screenshots should be stored? Like in an sub-folder of the screenshot folder?

Would appreciate your help again =)
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