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UBER WOW 2.0 patch thread protected lua list (deep breath not for the faint hearted)

Well the 2.0 update has been out for a few days now and what joy has spread around azeroth at the news :-(! OK it does include allot of those upcoming BC features, but it has also stiffed every serious player of the game, by invalidating all addons, worse theyve protected certain lua commands, Cheers for the xmas present Blizz ! I really thought I might play over christmas, now my interface is in such dissarray, I Think i'll skip and suspend my subscription indefinately.

here is as best as i can establish a list of the now protected commands. theyve also revised and renamed quite a few other commands not listed here.

PROTECTED CastSpell(spellID, "bookType")
PROTECTED CastSpellByName("name"[, onSelf])
PROTECTED ActionButtonUp(id)
PROTECTED UseAction(slot[, checkCursor[, onSelf]])
PROTECTED StartDuel("name")
PROTECTED PetAggressiveMode()
PROTECTED AssistUnit("unit")
PROTECTED AttackTarget()
PROTECTED ClearTarget()
PROTECTED TargetLastEnemy()
PROTECTED TargetLastTarget()
PROTECTED TargetNearestEnemy([reverseFlag])
PROTECTED TargetNearestFriend()
PROTECTED TargetNearestPartyMember()
PROTECTED TargetNearestRaidMember()
PROTECTED TargetUnit("unit")
PROTECTED TargetUnit("unit")

deleted some om my previous post here as i received some information on the protected lua.


ive have recently been informed, that most of these commands i mention above, have been replaced with new ones ? the cast commands have been replaced by "/cast" theyre are some new conditions to its use in an addon though > it may not be used in conjunction with conditional statements such as IF while in combat. such If health > than 60 then cast this etc. I think they left them in and protected probably for blizzard code purposes, when I got so riled up about these missing now protected commands because i was looking at the spell function list here on wowwiki :


which though it talks about the now prtoected commands fails to mention the use of /cast as a possible replacement. The non use of IF statements in conjunction with it is obviously designed to reduce too much automation of any casting. Im looking to a couple of addons that i was using no longer in development to see whether they can be modified to work, they didnt do any spectacular automation or botting just chose between two cast choices on a key press . ie they resulted in one key press one action ie mount not mount if warlock mount buff is up etc, most mount addons only seem to cater for item based mounts like standard horse mounts. It might be possible these addons could be reworked, im not totally sure, but they were referenced in macros i had written, net result is my interface is still screwed all over the place, and im having to umpick it, and worst im not a great coder, so for me its hard, in combination with the loss of dab a harmless ui interface rework addon, im a sitting duck at the mo, and im just not sure i can be bothered to rework my interface.

thanks for the reply posts torokokill considered and fair.

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