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I'd like to make the note that a lot of these changes went in with Burning Crusade content in mind. That means, 25 man raids. That also means, less bars to stare at as a healer.

in MC it means many extremely organised experienced guilds which used to wipe very rarely now wipe 5 times in a night.
Don't attribute this all to the UI changes. The talent changes have fundamentally changed the way some classes play the game.
I currently raid as a Warlock in a Kel'Thuzad killing guild. I have been raiding with my guild since Molten Core. We have full cleared every 40 man instance in the game. Our first night of raiding after this patch, we wiped to Noth for a good two hours. About three of those wipes could be atributed to server lag from people swarming the battlegrounds. The rest? Tanks not gaining aggro after blinks, and decursing not happening fast enough. Even experienced guilds with bosses that have been on "farm" for months are wiping because everyone has to adapt their playstyle to the loss of these ui mods and the new talents. This week, we killed Noth as cleanly, if not more clean than pre-patch. Give people time to adapt, and then judge their new performance.

Possibly RSI for heavy players with the extra strain on user inputs for caster types, poor healers are going to suffer from this the most with loss of many addons that made their life bearable in wow and not so much of a chore.
I'm probably talking out my rear end here, but I don't see much of a difference between clicking a button on screen, and instead doing something similar to hitting a keyboard/mouse button and then clicking on a "button" which isn't in the same spot on the screen all the time, but very close.

others renamed and modified invalidating many previous addons designed to streamline and improve the basic user interface, these addons made epic level playing bearable.
The macro system has been expanded a lot to keep the functionality that we lost while moving those functions to protected. It's not the same, and overal functionality has been lost, but I don't think the loss is that great. The Main Tank in my guild plays with NO ui mods. Yes, none. One doesn't earn the right to be the Main Tank in my guild without playing almost flawlessly 99.9% of the time. I haven't asked him, but I think he gets by just fine.

who has time mid combat to evaluate which rank of lifetap would be more health effecient on the basis of damage versus mana level etc, exactly
Like I stated before, my main is a warlock. I do miss my scaled lifetap macro a lot. It made my life easier. However, I still get by fine without that macro. I know approximately how much mana that my max rank lifetap will give, and I won't lifetap unless I'm under that approximate amount. Sure it isn't efficient, and sometimes I overestimate and some mana gets wasted, it's not that big of deal anyway. I also keep a min rank of lifetap on my bar for those times when I need a small amount of mana, like in pvp to give me a big more mana when out of combat.

i wiped all the time with pug groups in MC, which themselves took hours to assemble, I was already thinking of giving up wow on the basis of party assemble time, and how the last two guilds i was in crumbled or had to few people and were pontless from a high end raiding point of view
This is why Burning Crusade will help. 25 man raids will be easier to form, easier to raid with and manage, and it will be easier to keep guilds together.

And then without the users choice, they force patch the actual game you own on your hard drive, into a state you no longer find playable, yet they still want to charge you a monthly ?
I'm not sure if they did it for the EU servers, but all the US servers got a day's compensation. It really didn't cover the fact that we lost 2-3 day's worth of playing time, but they are compensating. Also, Blizzard doesn't force you to download the patch. You can click the cancel button anytime you want. They force you to use the patch to play the game however, and that can't be prevented. Every other game does it like this, even first person shooters. If you want to play game Y on a version X server, you have to download the version X patch, or else you can't play.

not to read TOS (terms of service) agreements, after all i make the assumption when clicking "I agree" to them, that they will be reasonable in their remit and not unjust, and therefore just click agree and play as most ordinary people do.
Blizzard put that clause in their terms of service so that they could fight back against groups of people that sell in game items for real money. Those groups have ruined many other MMORPG economies in the past, and Blizzard is trying to fight them. Also, the TOS isn't much longer than your post. If you don't have time to read the TOS, then I wonder why you're even playing a game like this in the first place.

HAVE I EVER had to muck about so much with a game, from one day to the next after these inumerate patches to get it to work again, if you dont like what comes with an addon interface, dont build one in the first place Blizzard! how frustrating it is to spend time faffing around just to make the game play like it did the day before !.
Because Blizzard does massive overhauls to the UI system every patch right?

SO maybe whats really happening is were playing a game thats being developed as we play it ?
Amazing, isn't it? Welcome to MMORPG's. I wouldn't be spending the money I do to play this game if new things weren't being added and other things being changed.

i mean if it was a bad idea to let us have access to these commands why did i take them two years to realise it
Maybe because they were waiting for a good time to restrict access(Burning Crusade)

594 million
Take out the cost of housing multiple servers with top of the line hardware, the costs of bandwidth for servicing those 5.5 million people, paying enough GM's to man those servers 24 hours a day, paying the developers/server technicians/website team to constantly provide updates and fix problems as they arise, and I'm sure there are other things I missed. That rather large sum of money disappears rather quickly.

Blizz decide to kick all the players in the teeth who are most likely to buy it, by f'ing up their well honed setups completely without apology,nice christmas present, thats what i call smart marketing ?
I agree with part of this. It is my personal opinion that Blizzard should not have released this patch. It blows the class "balance" way out of the water speaking in strictly pvp terms. For the most part, UI mods will remain the same. Just wait for the addon authors to release their 2.0 versions(which most have already). Most of these addons will remain the same, heck, you might not even have to do any fiddling with your interface if the SavedVariables stays the same.

Whover dreampt some of the lua changes in 2.0 i dont think thought of the implications to blizzes business.
Oh, I'm sure they did. They either didn't think that it would impact the playerbase enough for it to matter, or they figured the playerbase would be happier without these mods. I think the first one is more likely
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