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IMHO someone needs a cookie. Seriously, you are taking the game waaaaaaaaaaaaay to seriously. Go out for a walk, do some yoga, go see a movie. Infact, suspend your account and all that happy hoopla. When you are done regaining your balance? Blizzard and WoW will still be here.

As for your complaints? Every MMORG I have played (EVE, FFXI, DDO, and EQ2) changes their game regularly. Of course, if people weren't complaining about the changes then they would be complaining how Blizzard's not doing anything to earn their monthly fee. So you wonder why Blizzard doesn't wait with an abaited breath on what it's playerbase thinks? It's because it's player base is full of people who just want to complain and make 'threats' (predictions or whatever you want to call them) based upon their complaints. If you don't find the game enjoyable then move on. I am sure Blizzard will survive.
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