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Originally Posted by Kaomie View Post
How does the Magelo Sync thingy work? What does it install exactly and how does it collect data?

What does authentic character means and how is it certified? Why are they not using the armory (or are they)?
Dunno if I can answer all these lol. Magelo Sync grabs your character information right from the game as you are logged in. It installs, well, the Magelo Sync software so you can synch your character(s) lol. I used the one for EQ for almost 3 years... it's perfectly safe.

Authentic I think means that your profile has not been tampered with.. meaning you didn't log into your account there and place bogus stats in there for your toon. It's certified because you can only use their software to sync your characters. No, they do not use the Armory at all.. the information is pulled right from the game while you are running it. I keep mine running and it stays hidden by my system clock. When I'm ready to log into the game, I click on the Icon and choose WoW and the game opens... once I log into a character, I can go back to the little Sync window and synch my character if she has any new items on her, leveled, or got new gear.. it will show up on my profile online for everyone to see (unless I make my character private, which you can do).

I hope I answered those properly heh.

*Edit* This should answer most of your questions, and if not... Jelan and his team are really nice people and will answer whatever questions you have. http://wow.magelo.com/discover_magelo.jspa

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