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Hello, I want to go ahead and ty for all the good work you've been doing with Power Auras, is prob my most favorite addon for raiding

I have a question, my main is a paladin and I've been trying to create an aura to show how many stacks of holy power I have, the texture display works perfect but the stack display isn't showing on the screen (I can see the texture but I can't see how many stacks of holy power I've got). Is this a bug or maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'll try to explain how I set it up so you can have an idea of what I'm doing.

K for display #1 (texture) I've got:
Under Activation:
Stacks: >= 1
Player Status: Alive, In Combat

Main Trigger: Unit Power
Unit: Player
Value: 1
Operator: >=
Type: Holy Power

I selected the texture I liked and color but I don't think that's relevant to type here.

For display #2 (stacks) I've got:


I do not see an "activation" tab like under the texture and I pretty much didn't pick up an animation, sounds or actions for this display, only set up the style of the stacks number counter I wanted.

So that's pretty much it, if there's something I'm doing wrong, I apologize in advance and ask to please tell me where I'm wrong so I can fix it, and also if it's a bug or not implemented yet then please let me know

Thanks again for all the good work and hope to hear from ya soon!