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Originally Posted by Quokka View Post
I start with
Open MPQ -> expansion3-MPQ
Open MPQ (Patch Mode) -> patch-base-12694.MPQ
Open MPQ (Patch Mode) -> wow-update-12694.MPQ
Open MPQ (Patch Mode) -> wow-update-12759.MPQ
Open MPQ (Patch Mode) -> wow-update-12803.MPQ
This doesn't look correct. You have to select "Open MPQs (Patch Mode), then select primary MPQ and all patches. Then MPQ Editor shows a dialor whre primary MPQ and all patches are displayed. Check if that is correct, then press OK.

Alternative way: run MPQ Editor with "/patch" command line parameter like this:
MPQEditor /patch expansion3.MPQ wow-update-12694.MPQ wow-update-12759.MPQ wow-update-12803.MPQ
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