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Here's my current code that's still throwing the error every frame for trying to index aura:


and this is the error:


I've commented several things in the UpdateBars function as well as in the UpdateBuff function to see if there's a disconnect in the order.

This is the if statement the error is in:

Lua Code:
  1. if statusbar.aura.noTime then --BuffBars.bars[i].statusBar.aura.noTime
  2.     statusbar.spelltime:SetText() --BuffBars.bars[i].statusBar.spelltime
  3. else
  4.     local timeleft = statusbar.aura.expirationTime - timenow ----BuffBars.bars[i].statusBar.aura.expirationTime
  5.     statusbar:SetValue(timeleft) --BuffBars.bars[i].statusBar
  6.     statusbar.spelltime:SetText(FormatTime(timeleft)) --BuffBars.bars[i].statusBar.spelltime
  7. end

Compared to:

Lua Code:
  1. local bar = bars[i] --BuffBars.bars[i]
  2. local statusbar = bar.statusBar --BuffBars.bars[i].statusBar
  3. local buff = buffs[i]
  4. bar.aura = aura --BuffBars.bars[i].aura
  5. if buff.noTime then --buffs[i].noTime
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