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Tbh I find this misconstrued idea of professionalism obnoxious myself and the whole "rah rah toughen up! or get out" a bit ridiculous.
You can critique someone without over-dramatizing, especially someone that comes to the site with
This is the first time that I've felt confident enough uploading a custom UI to this website.
It's called empathy and doesn't reflect bad on your professionalism.
I mean just by skipping "totally", "wildly", "hideous" and the gameplay tutoring that is imho out of place(*) "As a hunter, you don't really need raid frames at all" there is no useful information lost and the tone of the same exact post would be entirely different.

* I've been using raidframes on dps (alts) for a variety of reasons
(be it that some dps have curing abilities or just that all dps can be interested in aggro shifts or they act in a raid leading capacity and need a better overview of raid status or they want the convenience of click-casting MD)
They're not as prominent or detailed as on my healer alts for example but they're still useful for me.
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