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I'd really strongly suggest starting over from scratch. Don't try to do everything at once. Start with something really basic like detecting when a nameplate is created and printing a message to the chat frame. Then figure out how to add a texture -- just use "Interface\\Icons\\Icon_Misc_QuestionMark" for now as a demo -- to each nameplate. Then detect when a nameplate's unit changes and print a message. Then show/hide the texture based on some simple condition, like whether the unit is a player or an NPC. Then try something like finding the existing font string that shows the unit's name and changing its font, or moving it. Once you've got these basics down, then start building back up toward what you had with caelNameplates before.

Right now you've just got a bunch of someone else's code that you don't understand that doesn't even work, where huge portions of it need to be removed or rewritten from scratch anyway. You're not doing yourself any favors by starting so far in the hole. Even I'd just throw away the existing code and write some new code if I was trying to update a nameplate addon for 7.0. You're going to end up with almost all new code anyway, so just skip ahead to the part where you start writing that new code, instead of wasting a bunch of time now trying to figure out code that's not functional and not relevant.
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