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Originally Posted by syncrow View Post
tracking nethershards and legion fall resources is quite easy:
simply loop through the currency list and get your information

I don't know what really speaks against a table that we want to use for tracking
- localization friendly
- can be maintained updated super easily by just adding / removing itemIDs
- we can throw updates without touching anything besides the itemID table for new items to track...
Correct. I had not considered localizations. We should change to a table with the items we wish to track as you originally suggested. As for what speaks against a table; reduced/no maintenance in the future should Blizzard change things (like create Sentinax Beacon of the Murloc) we won't have to add it specifically, name search will add it which is particularly beneficial if none of us are playing the game and keeping up with it. My original goal was to execute this with string search functions, for the sake of it. It is doable, but with localization concerns I don't think it is worth it, especially if we simply make a list of localized strings to look for.

So the project went from looking for three names to looking for 33 names across 11 locales.

May as well just look for IDs instead.
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