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Originally Posted by saanlem View Post
Sepioth, I doubt everyone is aware that for Magelo to give what the Blizzard Armory produces, one has to be a Premium member of Magelo, ie., pay a monthly subscription to Magelo.
The "bot" would be similar to those that Curse Gaming and others have.
You mister,just killed my joy
I was rly looking forward to check this thing out,hell,i even got it instaled alrdy,all what iam waiting for,is a word from blizzard about this soft.
Naw that u said,that iam forced to PAY for a PROFILER,in order to get all my details of my char on that thing,my hands goes down.

sad tbh,realy wold of loved to use a 3D profiler.
As long as the thing iam paying for,does not offer me something unique that wold worth paying for,iam staying awai.
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